All About Hi Vis Workwear

The principal purpose of each garment is to keep the wearer safe while he is engaged in tasks. Each type of workwear would be designed for a specific safety purpose, and one among those is High Visibility or Hi Vis.

Hi Vis clothing are those that help the wearer to be visible at all times, particularly during low light conditions and in dark areas, and there are those that can be used during day times. Hi Vis clothing is used when the tradie is working amidst moving traffic or is near to moving equipment that are operated by a person.

Hi Vis workwear comes under main three categories, based on their uses. They come as Day Only Hi Vis Wear, Day/Night Hi Vis Wear and Night Only Hi Vis Wear. These products would sport bright colours that are easily discernible from any background and ‘catch the eye’ easily. Those designed for Day/Night purposes would have bright colours along with reflective tapes that helps reflect the light back to the source, especially light from the headlight of cars.

To provide the best protection to the wearers, Hi Vis Workwear should comply with a certain set of Safety Standards. Complying to those standards can ensure that the requirements for keeping the tradies safe is met by the products.

Hi Vis feature can be found across a wide range of products that is used in the industry, for various purposes. While taking a look at the products, one can find Hi Vis Shirts, Hi Vis Polos, Hi Vis Jackets, Hi Vis Overalls, Hi Vis Pants and many more. So, no matter what the purpose is, one can be sure to receive the best protection through a wide variety of Hi Vis Workwear.

Each Hi Vis garment coming into the Australian workwear industry is manufactured in the best possible way that repays the trust people lay on it. With all tradies relying heavily on Hi Vis Workwear, it is important that it should have the best fabrics, good colour fastness and outstanding durability to overcome all the challenges thrown at them by the harsh work environment. And it is a great blessing that from Australian workwear brands you get exactly that.

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